Why EXL?

Our knowledge runs deep. With more than 21,000 professionals and over 30 offices and operations globally, EXL is a melting pot of experience and culture.

EXL professionals come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Our team’s previous experience include working for the top insurance, healthcare, banking and financial services, utility, logistical, and accounting firms in the world. EXL has more than 2,100 post graduates, 1,000 analysts and consultants, 700 MBAs, 800 nurses and doctors, 450 data scientists, 200 Six Sigma green and black belts, and 40 attorneys providing services for our clients.

EXL prides itself in being a company with rich cultural diversity. We have professionals operating from around the globe from places such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. The people who represent EXL in these countries bring profound expertise to the industries we serve.

While EXL may be rich in experience and culture, we operate under one common goal and value system. We strive to be the partner of choice for business process solutions within the industries we operate. We do so by being experts, advocates and challengers to drive business impact through integrated solutions and industry knowledge.