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9 Nov 2016

SDLC and UX value

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Requirements, functional specifications, and test cases were tracked manually using Microsoft Word and Excel. Testers followed written scripts and populated outcomes in documents to hand off to developers. The developers then performed their own functional testing in a similar manner. Test was data manually created and loaded. Download

9 Nov 2016

Multi system POC

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Data entry and retrieval required employees to access disparate systems including proprietary platforms, third-party web portals and other programs. The client faced productivity challenges stemming from the time it took to switch between applications in order to perform basic tasks. Download

17 Aug 2016


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Timely and accurate claims decisions significantly improve a carrier’s market standing and financial bottom line. However, the unpredictable arrival and complexity of incoming third-party bodily injury claims complicates the claim handling process. These claims pose unique challenges, including voluminous pages, complex medical content and high financial exposure. Carriers with the [...]