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31 Aug 2016

EXL Unbilled Manager

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Unbilled ManagerTM is a rich UI-based solution that improves customer experiences. By streamlining workflows through identifying and prioritizing unbilled accounts, bottlenecks can be avoided and revenue leakages prevented.

7 Jul 2016

EXL Utilities Complaints 360

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Utilities and energy providers face public backlash and stiff regulatory fines if they fail to adequately address customer complaints. That’s why we created Complaints 360o, a complaints management system capable of resolving customer issues end-to-end.

23 Jun 2016

EXL Client Testimonial – Onesource Water

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EXL is committed to providing our clients with winning solutions that keep them ahead of the competition. We know that our clients are our toughest critics, and we love sharing their stories. Hear what David Putt, CFO of Onesource Water, says on how partnering with us helped cut their DSO [...]

12 May 2015

How Automation and Analytics can drive Close Transformation

In today’s dynamic business and regulatory environment driving effective and timely decision making is of vital importance. CFO’s need certainty in financial reporting, a detailed view of operational performance and future visibility into their business. A Fast and accurate financial close is critical laying the foundation and structure to support [...]

11 May 2015

Improve Business Outcomes with EXLerator

Rohit Kapoor, Vice Chairman & CEO explains how the EXLerator Framework combines years of domain and process expertise, best practices, analytics and technology into a repeatable and scalable methodology. Learn how its business impact is real and measureable and has delivered more business value than a traditional outsourcing engagement with [...]