What we do

EXL helps our clients drive innovation, capacity, compliance, efficiencies and effectiveness across their clinical businesses. We take a consultative approach to delivering precise recommendations, prescribing actions and operationalizing insights through technology and analytics enabled services and solutions.

Care Management
Flexible, integrated and analytics enabled solutions and services ensure effective use and delivery of healthcare services that drive quality outcomes and help manage healthcare costs.
Population & Risk Management
Proactively manage the clinical and financial risk across populations through deeper insights into opportunities to proactively impact member health, medical costs and quality outcomes.
  • Population & Risk Analysis
  • Emerging Risk Analytics
  • Impactability & Intervention Analytics
  • Social Determinants of Health Analytics
  • Provider Network Performance
  • Quality & Compliance
  • Value-based Benefit Design
  • Client defined Analytics as a Service
Clinical Innovation & Automation
Infuse digital transformation into current clinical workflows to drive capacity, compliance, efficiency and effectiveness across your clinical operations.
  • Digital Intake
  • Digital Claim Review
  • Auto Authorizations
Program & Outcomes Analysis
Proactively track and monitor intervention program performance and ensure implemented programs deliver targeted ROI.
  • Outcomes Measurement & Program Reporting
  • Program ROI Analysis
Proven Outcomes
For one large national health plan client, EXL was able to deliver the below sampling of delivered value and results:
Who we serve

EXL partners with and delivers our clinical services to both health plan payer and provider organizations. We support driving value-based outcomes and transformation in order to deliver improvements to member health outcomes, medical cost containment and quality compliance.

We enable our payer clients to expand their business, manage and improve care quality and reduce medical and administrative costs.

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We help providers better understand their patient data, segment it to make it actionable, and ultimately improve health outcomes.

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For businesses that aren't satisfied with good enough, or profitable enough, we use Digital Intelligence to deliver real results.

Real Results

Digital Intelligence is the foundation of everything we do and inspires our ideas and research.

Digital Transformation. Strengthened by deep healthcare knowledge.

EXL is a market leader bringing innovation, automation and performance excellence to the healthcare market. Our organization is driven to deliver leading technology enabled solutions and services across clinical services that drive revenue growth and bottom line results.

Global Delivery Centers across 25 total locations
Global Clinicians
Accredited for Health Utilization Management
Accredited for Case & Utilization Management
Utilization Review licensure
across 22 U.S. states
Accreditation and Certification 

Commited to the highest degree of quality improvement in case management.
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Recognized for open healthcare access networks that can improve service quality. Learn more

Abiding by the gold standard when it comes to performing Health Utilization Management functions. Learn more

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