A provider needed to extract medical referral requests from unstructured text with speed and accuracy. Dealing with as many as 10,000 documents requiring extraction per day, the client realized they needed a back-end application to fully automate the process end to end.

Human Ingenuity in Action

Looking and going deeper, EXL Health leveraged an effective clinical data loading infrastructure from its care management application, and customized it to meet the needs of the provider within a matter of weeks. The provider client is successfully processing thousands of PDFs per day using real-time natural language processing (NLP).

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Why EXL Health?

EXL Health combines deep domain expertise with analytic insights and technology-enabled services to transform how care is delivered, managed, and paid. Leveraging Human Ingenuity, we collaborate with our clients to solve complex problems and enhance their performance with nimble, scalable solutions. With data on more than 260 million lives, we work with hundreds of organizations across the healthcare ecosystem.

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