EXL’s client struggled to optimize their mailroom processes. By collaborating with OPEX® and deploying best-in-class processes, EXL improved every aspect of mailroom operations.


The client’s staff received, prepped, and scanned documents on a conventional production class scanner. The facility processed between 6,000 and 6,500 documents per day, with each document containing 3.5 to 4 pages. The preparation process required caused problems in terms of quality and productivity.

Some of the key challenges faced were:


On average per scanner, the number of FTEs required was reduced by 2 to 2.5 from the production staff. After two months, the total number of FTEs required was further reduced by close to 14 people per day.


EXL collaborated with OPEX®, a recognized global leader providing state-of-the-art warehouse automation technologies, document imaging platforms, and high-speed mailroom automation.

To solve the client’s problems, six Falcon® scanners were deployed at the site. As mail arrives, EXL staff sorts the incoming documents by line of business. Envelopes are stacked on a feeder system on the scanner and then processed. The mail opening, scanning, sorting, and post-scanning processes are handled on the Falcon series scanners. This eliminates manual prep work and other steps in the mail-handling process that had caused productivity issues during the initial deployment of the old hardware. What previously took a day’s work is now complete in about 65% of the time, and performed by fewer resources.

Productivity and throughput for resources were also able to be more carefully monitored in this new system. Any piece of mail in the system can be identified and tracked at any point in time.

Below are the other benefits of digitized content extraction:

  • Improve Customer Experience (CX) through omni-channel support and real time tracking of service requests.
  • Reduce Operating Costs by saving manual effort by 45-50% and creating capacity for highly skilled resources.
  • Enable Digital Transformation through improved end-to-end automation rates and support business decisions through improved analytics
  • Build Resiliency to reduce exposure by elimination of paper and eliminate potential bottlenecks in paper processing.

“We eliminated receiving and prepping steps altogether. We also got much more robust reporting with OPEX® and OnBaseTM. We are now able to measure productivity and throughput for our resources, and we can detect any piece of mail in the system at any point in time.”

- Arun Kumar, VP of Operations and Account Management, EXL

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