We live in a competitive environment where extra steps equal money not-so-well spent. Yet, few companies have the time to take a good look at their own operations and pinpoint how to change things for the better. Do you need a new process, rewritten business rules or automation? Or, has your disparate technology become more of an anchor than an enabler? EXL can not only help you identify the real problem, but implement a solution that solves it in a very real way.

Our Digital Consulting practice is comprised of experienced management and technology consultants who specialize in business process and analytic transformation. Using our proprietary methodologies, and a combination of business rule revision, predictive analytics architecture and systems integration, we help you get more done, more effectively, and typically, improve your customer service in the process. Although each solution is unique, our success rates are consistently high—with clients gaining as much as a 60 percent business process improvement in some cases.


Transformational Leadership
We provide the delivery, analysis and change leadership to accelerate your transformation and help you see the results more quickly.
System Architecture Design
We create the architecture and design to support the technical aspects of your business strategy execution.
Business Process Management Implementation
We’ll help you transition to the right tools and technology to attain greater operational performance, with minimum distress.
Data Integration and Analytics
By integrating data analytics into business processes, we help you turn information into insights to facilitate data-driven decisions.
Compliance Automation
By integrating data analytics and technology, we help you comply with regulatory requirements more efficiently, without so much manual intervention.

From weakness to strength Reengineering the reconciliation process

Consumer risk model validation for OCC compliance


This data-driven framework informs how best to invest resources across the six key areas of a learning organization and creates a continuous feedback loop to inform future decisions, processes and business rules. It helps create a sustainable competitive advantage by exponentially increasing return on optimization and IT investments.



Data Unleashed® is focused on generating measurable results by creating an agile data environment that allows businesses to gain insights and make decisions faster. Combined with EXL Consulting’s deep experience, we can get the answers that will leave the competition asking, “How did they do that?”



DataMasq allows the use of actual production data to create, test and develop with data that is completely free of PHI/PII. This is data that can be passed across, outside and back into organizations without risking clients’ privacy. Our masking process maintains relational integrity and does not produce values that can be in any way "unscrambled."