What we do

EXL has worked to build industry-leading technology platforms across a range of industries.

A life insurance policy administration platform providing streamlined policy administration through a central product rules engine, real-time customer service, flexible agent compensation support, and provides a platform for TPA services. 
LISS Systems 
A policy administration solution for the life and pensions industry that supports business products and processes through all aspects of the commercial lifecycle.
A care management platform that integrates and shares data between health plans, practitioners and members in real time, enhancing clinical decision-making, improving workflows, and reducing administrative costs.
A secure workflow-based web portal for commercial-lines carriers that enhances the audit selection process for smaller Workers’ Compensation and General Liability policies. 
Industry leading recovery platform, with embedded lifecycle analytics.  Subrosource creates value in the identification of opportunities, assignment of recovery strategies and automated execution of recovery steps. Enables an efficient service ecosystem for recovery processing.
A medical record summarization platform that empowers carriers to make more accurate and consistent claim handling decisions, analyses and reports of medical record reviews.
Express Surveys
A property inspection solution combining new data and technologies to assess risk and validate coverage limits by leveraging proprietary and publicly available data, aerial imagery and current photos.

Digital Intelligence is the foundation of everything we do, and the inspiration for our ideas and research.

Real results

For businesses that aren't satisfied by good enough, or profitable enough, we use Digital Intelligence to deliver real results.

Staying ahead of disruption

Digital Transformation. Strengthened by deep knowledge of domains and data to understand the context of specific customer interactions, it is the power to redefine your market, re-engage your customers, reconfigure your cost base, and reimagine your business models.

At EXL, we adopt an agile, strategic approach. Empowering clients to expand and deepen relationships. Translating digital technology in to powerful, engaging experiences for customers and prospects.

Bring us your toughest challenges and we'll build the right combination of analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning and other breakthrough technologies. Seamlessly delivered by the smartest, most client-centric and focused team of digital professionals anywhere.

2 Aecus Automation Awards
for leadership in digital transformation, including RPA, cognitive computing, and advanced analytics. (2017) 
High Performer
in “HfS Blueprint: Design Thinking in the As-a-Service Economy” (2016)
Partner of the Year
for innovation and technology by Aflac

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