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Welcome to the kickoff of the EXL Digital Transformation newsletter. Here, you can learn about the latest digital trends in healthcare, and how leaders at EXL Health work with clients to solve their most complex problems and enhance their performance by employing nimble and scalable digital solutions.

Consumers no longer need to be at the doctor to access healthcare, and are seeking the tools and services required to proactively manage their healthcare journey. Digital solutions can transform the way payers, providers, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), and life sciences organizations do business and empower consumers. Outlined below are some examples of how our digital solutions can help healthcare stakeholders in their digital transformation.

“EXL Health is committed to actualizing opportunities for digital innovation in the healthcare and life sciences industry and partnering with clients to deliver on ambitious, change-enabling strategies.

Healthcare organizations have long aspired to overcome a fragmented industry structure to realize the vision of improving the patient and provider experience and health outcomes, while lowering costs. Although progress has been made against this vision, exponential change has been elusive.

Digital solutions, along with the industry’s ever-strengthening digital mindset, have presented a real opportunity to achieve this vision. The potential is great, and now is the time to seize the opportunity.”

Sam Meckey

Sam Meckey,
Executive Vice President, Global Head of EXL Health

Healthcare companies that embrace digital and data-driven solutions can achieve exponential change, enabling more predictive, proactive, and preventive care. EXL Health combines unmatched healthcare domain expertise with data-driven insights and technology-enabled services to transform how care is delivered, managed, and paid for.

Leveraging human ingenuity, EXL Health collaborates with clients to solve their most complex problems and enhance their performance by employing nimble and scalable solutions. With data on more than 260 million lives, EXL Health partners with organizations across the healthcare spectrum including payers, providers, PBMs, and life sciences organizations.

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