Flexible and scalable finance and accounting operations management solutions, paired with domain specific advanced analytics, improve growth and profitability for provider organizations.

Healthcare providers need to deliver quality care to their patient population, and drive sustained growth and profitability across their enterprise, yet constant sociopolitical disruptions, paired with ever-shifting legislative and regulatory changes, make this difficult. Successful providers understand that updating legacy and outdated processes and procedures can help them automate revenue analytics and finance and accounting operations to decrease operations cost and improve capacity. With consolidation in the market place, providers need to streamline disparate systems and incompatible manual legacy processes to strengthen profitability and longterm financial security. They need transformation in their accounting and finance and operations processes to transition toward a new way of thinking that strengthens organizational performance.

EXL Health Finance and Accounting Operations

EXL Health Finance and Accounting Operations (FAO) support healthcare providers’ strategic priority to increase and protect their profitability without compromising delivery of quality care. EXL Health’s domain expertise, deep analytics and scalable operations management solutions, help providers reduce overall internal finance costs by delivering data-driven intelligent operations services.

Our FAO solution helps control ever-growing operating costs and increases efficiency across middle and back offices. With EXL Health’s flexible and scalable operations management solutions, focused on finance, accounting, procurement, supply chain management and HR, providers reduce operating costs through standardization, consolidation, automation and outsourcing. EXL Health’s nimble and agile processes focus on operations effectiveness, delivering transaction efficiency and effectiveness. Our effective operations risk management ensures cyber security and data privacy, strengthens vendor management and supply chain risk management, and meets regulatory compliance.

We can help deliver cost savings, improved service performance, scalable solutions and risk mitigations, and continue delivering future savings and efficiencies in provider finance and accounting operations.

EXL Health can expertly manage core F&A functions of GL and AP, but our end-to end solution can also take it further. We handle strategic and complex areas of a provider’s finance and accounting operations, including government finance reporting and compliance, forecasting, cash reserves, revenue analytics, supply chain analytics, treasury and tax, and more.

Our FAO solution is backed by the industry leading capabilities and technology EXL is known for. We are an industry focused F&A provider, with a long tradition of deep analytics and digital core, including:

The result is a scalable and sustainable FAO solution that helps providers deliver data-drive intelligent operations, reduce internal finance costs, control growing operations, and increase efficiency across middle and back offices including corporate shared services.


At EXL Health we are committed to a true partnership with our clients. We are passionate about your success. We take a client centric, collaborative approach to every engagement. We combine deep domain expertise with analytic insights and technology-enabled services to transform how care is delivered, managed, and paid. Leveraging Human Ingenuity, we collaborate with our clients to solve complex problems and enhance their performance with nimble, scalable solutions. With data on more than 260 million lives, we work with hundreds of organizations across the healthcare ecosystem.

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