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Over the years, we moved away from simply managing traditional contact center metrices to partnering with our client on redesigning and delivering business outcomes. This enhances revenue, optimizes cost of service, and drives growth for our clients.


The client experienced challenges including a long learning curve due to process complexity and repeat calls from customer for the same query. Lack of process for emergency dispatch when the system was unavailable was a problem. Retaining customers calling for cancellations also proved difficult.

These challenges hurt the client’s bottom line. To increase revenue, the client needed to drive efforts to cross sell services through client partners and reduce costs through improved network performance and utilization.


With our proprietary EXLerator™, EXL used technology, analytics and best practices to transform the way this client did business.

Together, we reduced member turnover, enhanced inbound customer service and improved emergency roadside service call experiences. Other solutions were:

  • Redesigned the ‘Training to Production’ methodology. Embedded KM tool to accelerate the learning process and improve knowledge retention
  • Used a non-intrusive automation tool to effectively manage calls during system downtime, and completely eliminated paper trail for manual dispatches
  • Fax failure process was reengineered to reduce repeat calls and TAT for tower contact
  • Created a database of frequently used non-registered service providers, services available, cost of service, etc. to facilitate quick and efficient searches and negotiations


There were several Key Performance Indicators, including customer retention, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Average Handle Time (AHT). Other KPIs were finished product quality, First Call Resolution (FCR) and out of network spend.


  • 18% Uplift in customer retention
  • 6% Reduction in repeat calls
  • 13% Improvemment in handle time
  • 70% Reduction in out of network spending

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