EXL health digital solutions

Scalable digital solutions for optimal results

EXL Health digital solutions transform the way healthcare is delivered, managed and paid. Powered by data, cloud, analytics, AI/ML, and domain expertise, EXL Health digital solutions improve business outcomes, help deliver great customer service, reduce cost, and strengthen quality of care.

At EXL Health, solving complex problems is at the core of what we do. Our deep data and domain expertise help understand the context of specific customer interactions. Using Human Ingenuity as our catalyst, we look and go deeper to create a personalized set of solutions that help achieve the trifecta impact: improved customer experiences, optimized efficiencies, and better business outcomes.

Health digital solutions

Health digital solutions


Data driven automated clinical audits solution

EXL Exelia.AI™

Redefine your customer experience for measurable results

EXL Nerve Hub™

Next-gen digital command center to orchestrate human and digital workforces

EXL Paymentor℠

Create a unified and personalized debt collection journey for your debtors


AI and NLP powered Content Extraction capability