Group and voluntary benefits carriers typically have multiple billing teams, managed separately, running on legacy systems, often without a workflow tool, delivering a sub-optimal customer experience. Additionally, they operate at a high operating expense (OPEX), while providing limited insights from data to reduce premium leakage or identify customers for cross-sell.


We understand the employer’s expectation for a simple, timely and accurate billing experience. The employer experience becomes sub-optimal as the employer size increases, multiple billing groups exist and the number of products offered to the same employer increase. Moreover, the experience is also a function of the level of automation and straight-through-processing (STP) enabled, among other things.

While our solution is focused on improving the employer experience, EXL can help insurance carriers reduce 30-40% OPEX in the immediate-to-medium term. We combine our leading employee benefits talent and best-of-breed platforms, augmented by automation, to deliver the highest value at the lowest risk to carriers. Our flexible deal structure offers committed productivity gains, a variable pricing model and gain-sharing for advanced analytics transformation.

Key Features

EXL’s BaaS helps employers deploy new operating models that significantly reduce OPEX, while improving customer experience (CX). Our offering addresses key components of the operating model, including people, processes, technology and metrics.


  • In the immediate-term, drive value by sourcing all roles other than customer-facing roles.
  • Rebadge customer-facing roles.
  • Revisit multiple roles within billing to eliminate handoffs (e.g. combine all back-end processing, research and reconciliation related activities).
  • Align billing teams by book of business.
  • Staff for analytical, accounting and reconciliation skills, especially for back-office tasks.


  • Eliminate multiple handoffs through role rationalization across the billing value chain, including bill generation, good order check and reconciliation, cash application, customer inquiry and resolution, and premium error governance.
  • Onboarding
    • Include billing team on 100% of welcome calls, targeting 90 to 100% completion.
    • Define standard service catalogue by employer segment, especially for small and medium segments.
    • Promote Internet billing (list bill cases) across segments, especially for under 500 lives, to give employers more control and transparency over the billing process.
    • For non-Internet billing customers, deploy smart intake solutions to ingest supporting docs in multiple formats to validate the premium.
  • Bill Generation
    • Institute mandatory first bill audit.
    • Simplify bill template, including a walk from previous month to current month’s bill.
  • Reconciliation
    • Deploy analytics to recommend the next best match for a low-touch reconciliation.
  • Cash Application
    • Automate payment application.
    • Revisit the tolerance limits for STP.
  • Premium Error Governance
    • Plug premium leakage through light analytics, identifying customers for audit who frequently miss payment due dates, have aged due and unpaid balances, or have multiple adjustments.
    • Automate the audit process for targeted and frequent audits.



While EXL is technology-platform-agnostic, we have developed a suite of digital assets for automating the billing process. Additionally, we work with a number of trusted partners to provide best-of-breed technology platforms.

  • EXL’s Virtual Billing Assistant – automated intake of supporting docs, analytics-driven next-best match and reconciliation, and RPA-assisted auto cash application.
  • EXL’s Smart Workflow Management (SWM) – tool for effective inventory management.
  • EXL’s Desktop Aggregator – aggregation of relevant data points on a single screen to support billing coordinator discussions with customers to resolve discrepancies.
  • EXL’s Early Warning Billing Leakage and Automated Premium Audit Solution – data-driven predictive analytics to target select accounts for audit.


  • Maintain and continuously improve key metrics
    • 30-40% reduction in OPEX
    • https://info1.exlservice.com/hubfs/website-files/Life-Insurance-Group-and-Voluntary-Benefits-Billing-as-a-Service-(Baas)-Offering/Metrics.png
    • Under 48 hours turn-around-time for service requests
    • Prevent billing leakage
    • Reduce over 30-, 90- and 180-days due and unpaid premiums
    • Reduce over 30-, 90- and 180-days suspense aging

Key Benefits

Improved customer experience

  • Customized journeys by employer type
  • Single point-of-contact for the employer
  • Speedy resolution of service requests
  • Proactive outreach
  • Customer-centric views of policy, billing and
    payment info
  • Simplified, easy-to-understand billing
    1. A walk from previous month’s billed amount
      to current month
    2. Online tutorials and videos

30-40% reduction in OPEX

  • Global talent pool
  • Low-touch and STP leveraging our digital assets

Enhanced broker experience

through faster payment of commissions

Improved cash flow

Improved cross-sell

Access to EXL’s partner network


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