What we do

Through our extensive healthcare and consumer data assets, advanced analytics capabilities and industry expertise, we provide real-world insights and value-based solutions.

Patient Intelligence
We offer unique insights on patient populations and their personas, including risk and impactability scores.
  • Assessing patient risk and “impactability” scores.
  • Illustrating the Patient Treatment Journey.
  • Profiling patients associated with non-adherence.
  • Determining patient adherence by HCP.
  • Locating undiagnosed patients.
Market Access Strategy Development
We help establish and maintain stronger relationships and collaborations with payers and providers.
  • Quantifying cost of care by facility, prescriber, by region, by patient persona, by patient treatment journey.
  • Identifying patient outcomes.
  • Monitoring performance of outcomes/value-based contracts.
Market Effectiveness
We help profile and segment patient populations, HCPs and healthcare facilities, optimize marketing mix allocations, and valuate/prioritize sales targets.
  • Quantifying market potential by region.
  • Identifying disease prevalence by CBSA.
  • Segmenting patient populations by age, gender, ethnicity and socioeconomic status.
  • Assessing values and ranking potential of HCPs.
How is EXL Life Sciences different.
Focused solely on supporting the needs of life sciences commercial teams.
Deep industry knowledge.
Unique data assets.
Advanced analytics methodologies.
Who we serve

We serve commercial team members within pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies: brand directors/managers, market access/managed markets strategists, and commercial teams.

Always looking for more market intelligence that would enhance the commercial success of the product. [+]
Determining ways of enhancing relationships, collaborations, and contract/formulary dialogues with payers and providers. [+]
Assessing the territories and targets that will optimize commercial success, while enhancing ROI by delivering the most meaningful messages through the most effective digital and non-digital channels. [+]
Real Results

For businesses that aren't satisfied with good enough, or profitable enough, we use Digital Intelligence to deliver real results.

Driving Innovation through Insights

Commercial Excellence is a common goal throughout the Life Sciences industry, yet fraught with challenges to achieve.

We are focused solely on supporting the needs of commercial teams within the life sciences industry. We leverage our deep industry knowledge and advanced analytics methodologies that not only tell you what happened in your markets, but what may happen, and what to do next.

EXL Health: Life Sciences delivers meaningful, actionable insights on your target healthcare providers, patient populations and commercial activities, helping you compete and succeed in a changing global life sciences market. Our consultative services offer advanced analytics capabilities to pursue market expansion opportunities, develop managed markets strategies, optimize your marketing mix and maximize your ROI, and enhance sales effectiveness.

in Everest Group's "Healthcare Analytics Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2019"
in "HFS Top 10 Healthcare Services 2018"
in NelsonHall's "NEAT: Advanced Analytics BPS 2019"

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