EXL Health Integrated Revenue Management Solutions

Our solutions address end-to-end revenue cycle management and provide key analytics and insights to guide, manage, and assist your team in defining how revenue cycle management operates within your organizational structure.

The Integrated Revenue Management Solutions have been developed in collaborative partnership with REVELOHEALTH, delivering a comprehensive, data-driven payment processing and revenue analytics capability to help providers optimize revenue cycle management. This solution seeks to aggregate and homogenize patient data from a variety of sources through four essential service offerings: Independent Repricing Services, Revenue Cycle Management Services, Payment Analytics, and Advisory Services.

Workflow Design

Our unmatched combination of industry and functional expertise enables us to infuse best practices into your processes to drive efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Map your entire revenue cycle
  • Identify gaps within the custody chain
  • See the financial impact of gaps in relation to financial operation
  • Remediate other areas within revenue cycle management

Optimal Analytics

Comprehensive analytics to enable providers to launch competitive Exchange offerings aligned to their communities.

We offer a series of analytics from the revenue cycle management process that are defined against best practices and provide you with the tools to define performance at three levels - RCM workflow, practice management, and provider management.

Payment Posting

Infuse your revenue management ecosystem with tools to accelerate and define the payment process and drive overall effectiveness.

  • Cash reconciliations
  • Direct payer contact
  • Improve ERA enrollments
  • Lockbox and correspondence processing
  • Policies for write-offs and adjustments

Denials Management and Insurance A/R Follow Up

Identify potential problem areas before issues arise, enabling you to adapt your revenue management system to improve your cash flow.

  • Maintain overview of denied claims
  • Trend payer issues and resolve root causes
  • File appeals on all denial types
  • Improve the financial and operational health of your practice and promote scalability

Real Results

Human ingenuity is the catalyst with which we solve your complex problems.



Led by seasoned healthcare executives from the payer, network management, healthcare system, physician delivery and outpatient service markets, REVELOHEALTH offers visibility and control of actionable data between initial claims production and the EOB/payment result hidden from view in today’s adjudication process. This diverse backdrop provides REVELOHEALTH with the experience and ability to breakdown traditional barriers that prevent payers and providers from improving the patient experience, and ultimately, the overall health of people in their local communities. For more information, please visit www.REVELOHEALTH.net.

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