Solutions suite

We deploy an ever-growing suite of digital products and solutions tailored to our clients industries, as well as processes common across companies around the world. Built upon a comprehensive set of reusable digital components, we bring rapid design and deployment to generate real, tangible outcomes.

Solution Accelerators
  • Smart work management
  • Process guidance engine
  • Digital intuitive virtual assistant
  • Proprietary advanced automation BOTs
  • Intelligent extraction
  • Complaints management
  • Data de-duplication
  • Email management
  • Customer correspondence generation
  • Collections management


Digital intelligence is the foundation of everything we do, and inspires our ideas and research.

Real results

For businesses that aren't satisfied by good enough, or profitable enough, we use Digital Intelligence to deliver real results. 

Why exl
Digital Transformation. Strengthened by deep knowledge of domains.

Digital Transformation. Strengthened by deep knowledge of domains and data to understand the context of specific customer interactions, it is the power to redefine your market, re-engage your customers, reconfigure your cost base, and reimagine your business models.

At EXL, we adopt an agile, strategic approach. Empowering clients to expand and deepen relationships. Translating digital technology in to powerful, engaging experiences for customers and prospects.

Bring us your toughest challenges and we'll build the right combination of analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning and other breakthrough technologies. Seamlessly delivered by the smartest, most client-centric and focused team of digital professionals anywhere.

for leadership in digital transformation, including RPA, cognitive computing, and advanced analytics. (2017)
in the “HfS Blueprint for Digital Marketing Operations” (2016)
in the Voice of the Customer category– HFS Top 10: Triple-A Trifecta Services 2020

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