Improving first pass matching accuracy


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The client was in need of standardizing disparate processes running on multiple systems, which were creating numerous exceptions and requiring heavy manual interventions.


  • Invoice processing
  • Vendor master maintenance
  • Vendor reconciliation
  • Helpdesk and expectation management


Due to expansions over the years, the company found itself operating with more than 50 technology systems – including 19 discreet ERP systems – for its accounts payables process. This resuted in several exceptions and required heavy manual interventions. Other concerns include:.

  • An average of 30% of all electronic invoices resulting in exceptions.
  • No standard process or best practices across business units.
  • Lack of visibility into status of invoices due to inadequate reporting functionality in the payables system.
  • Manual process with no metrics for measurement of vendor inquiries.

The client needed a flexible, nimble F&A partner to help standardize, implement and maintain the payables process.


  • Standardizing the payables process
  • Reductions in invoices lying in exception >70%
  • Improvement in first pass match rate of invoices 80%
  • $1.6 million Annual cost savings
  • Reduction in vendor inquiries 55%

Standardizing the payables process

The solution

EXL transformed payables by releasing working capital and improving visiblity for more proactive decision-making. The solution included:

  • Implementing a standard workflow solution across more than 1,500 users, resulting in better visibility to exceptions and approvals.
  • Completely converting to a paperless environment with central mailroom, scanning and indexing functions.
  • Developing standard operating and exception management procedures for all major systems.
  • Implementing a reverse indexing process to reduce the number of touch points and improve efficiency.

The results

  • Reduced touch points and cycle time and improved accuracy through the introduction of the reverse indexing process.
  • ‘Affiliate Vouching’ policy amended by defining acceptable tolerance limits.

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