BPO has evolved. Look deeper at what
that means for your operations.

Our proprietary Business EXLerator Framework integrates operations management, analytics and technology to deliver more value faster than traditional BPO.

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Look deeper at what your data tells you.

EXL Analytics extracts insights from big data to reduce risk, increase efficiency,
simplify compliance and find you new channels for growth.

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Certainty in the financials today
& visibility into the business tomorrow

EXL looks deeper at CFO services with a full suite of finance operations,
analytics, risk/compliance and strategic opportunity support.

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Health reform is here. Look deeper at how you respond.

EXL is uniquely positioned to offer integrated and modular solutions in clinical
support, analytics and technology to meet the industry's changing needs.

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When you look deeper you find better answers.

Business process solutions that deliver business impact through integrated
services and industry expertise. See how becoming an operations-centric company impacts customers and bottom lines.

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Our EXLerator Framework offers 300% more business value than traditional outsourcing. Check it out. http://t.co/N0J494qzv0
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Insurance providers can improve claim accuracy and processing time with our Medconnection BPaaS solution. http://t.co/LZbS2jQEM6
With big data, cities can make smarter transportation decisions. http://t.co/YmBC2iEieR @Forbes #bigdata
Learn how our BPaaS solution enhanced customer service and improved processes for a Fortune 500 insurance provider. http://t.co/LZbS2jQEM6


EXL looks deeper. Deeper into your business to find smarter solutions and clearer strategies for a better business model. We believe that businesses must look deeper at how they manage their operations and processes to better handle change and sustain growth. Our responsibility, as a dedicated partner, is to take a problem-solving focus, ask the right questions, and create the right solutions to make sure our clients’ needs are met.

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