A 40-years-old, US-based financial services holding company is the parent company for seven insurance companies. Its insurance subsidiaries provide life insurance, annuity and supplemental health insurance products to more than four million customers in the United States. These products are distributed through independent agents, career agents and to customers through television advertising and direct mail.

Policy servicing related to incorrect cancellation, withdrawal or delay in request handling is a major cause of field escalation, financial exposure and end customer’s dissatisfaction.


  • Data collation and processing at multiple administration systems
  • Manual confirmation letters regarding cancellation and withdrawals
  • Multiple reviews on the same case due to suspended period during volume surge
  • Need for staff planning to handle volume surge every year
  • Multiple rules and non-standard input formats
  • Product type withdrawal calculations and tax deductions


  • Incorrect procedures, delay in cancellations and withdrawals profoundly impact processing during volume surge
  • Quality and escalation errors during the volume surge have a dramatic effect on quality of work and further impact company’s financial schemes and customer satisfaction index


EXL offered an all-in-one solution with Automation Anywhere Enterprise. The unattended self reliant BOTs eliminated multiple touch points, decreased bottlenecks, and gained real-time visibility, thereby revamping the end to end process. This solution for policy servicing enabled automated workflow, intelligent extraction of information from multiple input sources and embedded rule based processes for first time correct processing.

The BOT augmented customer delight by fastening the process of health cancellation and withdrawals. It has significantly reduced error rates and gained real time visibility by bringing ease of deployment.

  • Scalable bot architecture to manage volume surge
  • Multiple touchpoints for capability management
  • Minimal validations of work items
  • Integrated quality control to eliminate financial leakage or incorrect processing possibility


  • Minimal possibility of error
  • 20%-30% - AHT reduction
  • 20%-25% - Productivity gain
  • Cancellation and withdrawal procedures became automatic and error-free
  • Increased percentage of re-usable components led to shorter delivery cycles

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