Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Individual life and group life and benefits, voluntary benefits, retirement and annuities

Life Insurance

Individual life and group life and benefits, voluntary benefits, retirement and annuities

EXL is a leading provider of data and AI-led services and solutions. We work with life insurance companies to meet today’s market demands.

Serving as a trusted partner, EXL works with insurance companies to digitally transform their operations. We power global insurers, reinsurers, brokers and InsurTechs by providing real-time business insights. We can help grow and manage your life insurance portfolio with AI-powered, analytics-driven solutions.

Who we serve

Individual Life & Annuities

Individual Life & Annuities
EXL partners with life insurance carriers throughout the product life cycle to provide domain expertise combined with predictive analytics to improve outcomes and increase customer satisfaction.

Group & Voluntary Benefits

Group & Voluntary Benefits
EXL offers group benefits providers a flexible, customer-focused approach to deliver successful business outcomes. Powered by AI and ML, our solutions drive end-to-end operations management capabilities.

Retirement & Pension

Retirement & Pension
EXL helps retirement providers with our depth of experience and thought leadership to modernize business. We redesign and automate business processes and mitigate execution complexity and risk to achieve scalability and sustainable cost efficiencies.

EXL life insurance solutions

EXL life insurance solutions

Actuarial transformation

Reimagining the actuarial function of the future

EXL Digital Endorsement Portal

Cutting-edge extraction and automation across the endorsement process

EXL digital intake solution for insurance

Powered by EXL Xtrakto.AI™

EXL Digital Virtual Assist (DIVA)

AI-powered digital customer experience

EXL Exelia.AI™

Redefine your customer experience for measurable results

EXL insurance wallet

Effectively manage risk through adequate insurance coverage

Insurance analytics

Using the power of digital to transform insurance

Insurance Analytics Leadership Exchange

An insurance analytics experience and thought collective

LDS new business and underwriting

Unlock new markets and distribute any product


Enabling the next generation of products and servicing


Leading the way in Life & Annuity policy administration

Third-party administration

Reduce costs and provide excellent customer service
Featured insights
To understand the state of the industry and how leading carriers are driving themselves “straight to digital,” HFS organized a digital roundtable supported by EXL to bring together a selection of industry titans to discuss the strategies to succeed in data driven digital transformation.
HFS connected with EXL's P&C business clients to understanding their digital transformation challenges, how the pandemic impacted them, and their goals for becoming data-driven brokers and carriers in the pandemic economy.
Insurance might be commonly regarded, from the outside at least, as being one of the most traditional industries. But behind that stereotype, powerful transformation is beginning to take place using some of the most innovative solutions available today.

Client testimonials

Creating a Centre of Excellence for Digital and Data

Aon - Creating a Centre of Excellence for Digital and Data


Zurich- Transitioning to the EXL Insurance family