Banking & capital markets

Banking & capital markets

Data-led insights to improve banking and capital markets

Banking & capital markets

Data-led insights to improve banking and capital markets

Thriving in a constantly disrupted environment with data, analytics, and AI

The banking and capital markets sector is quickly evolving. High interest rates and economic uncertainty are stoking competitive pressure alongside rising default rates, soaring costs, and increasing financial crime. Government overseers have responded by tightening compliance restrictions, making historically conservative institutions even more cautious. EXL offers the perfect blend of data, analytics, AI, digital technology, and human ingenuity to help you navigate through the fog and quickly spot the next opportunity – helping you stay agile and competitive in a volatile environment.

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The latest study from leading data and analytics firm EXL unveils a seismic shift in the financial sector towards embracing artificial intelligence (AI), particularly generative AI.
The traditional contact centre operating model relies on employing enough representatives to handle calls in an efficient manner. This traditional model no longer works. Even with there being 17 million contact centre representatives worldwide today according to a report from Gartner, organizations face staff shortages and labor costs amounting to 95% of their contact centre expenses.1 Contact centres also face pressure from changing customer expectations....
EXL’s client, a title services provider, needed to streamline its operations. Their processes involved many complex, interconnected, moving parts. For instance, it encompasses searching for titles and constant liaising with different agents throughout the process. In the United States alone, there are over 3,000 counties, which all keep their own property records.
Today, customer experience (CX) is the new battleground for survival and differentiation. We live in an experience economy where customers value how they engage with brands above all else, both online, and offline.
The post-pandemic phase has brought interesting challenges to the housing industry. During the pandemic, the industry enjoyed a high demand environment, low interest rates, and Fed-sponsored forbearance programs. As a result, companies benefited from increased business across the board.

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EXL brings the depth and breadth of banking and financial experience needed to step in on day one and make an impact. From risk and compliance to marketing and collections to new business models and back office workflows, we have a proven history of working with organizations across the financial spectrum to improve decision making and embed intelligence into operations.

Over decades of experience working with retail banks and credit cards of all types and sizes, we’ve honed our capabilities across data management, advanced analytics, AI, and digital operations. Supplemented by our proprietary consumer database of 245M+ individuals, we can help you optimize customer acquisition and manage risk, no matter where you are in your growth cycle, so you can seize opportunities – faster.