Digital Healthcare Operations: Best practices

Thrive by digitizing clinical workflows and other processes

U.S. healthcare providers are facing numerous issues affecting operational effectiveness, revenue, customer satisfaction, and patient care. One of the most urgent issues is a severe nursing shortage that is unlikely to improve any time soon.

At the same time, healthcare organizations are being incentivized through value-based reimbursement programs to deliver more patient-centric care, requiring even more engagement from an already strained medical staff. With pressures to drive down costs, increase quality outcomes, and improve patient and provider satisfaction, healthcare executives are looking to digital technologies to create greater efficiencies in their business operations.

It’s forecast that more than one million nurses will leave the workforce by 2030.
As a result, the United States Registered Nurse Workforce Report Card predicts a shortage of over 500,000 RNs by the end of the current decade.

Key to Success: Combining people with world class digital

"Some health plans — and even provider organizations — have been reluctant to trust digital tools in the past. They are attached to the status quo. But in tomorrow’s world, it simply won’t be possible to maintain your bottom line without introducing automation. With the efficiency gains come enormous savings, while member and provider satisfaction rates go up."

Michelle Bayer,
Vice President for Product and Clinical Services, EXL Health

To survive and even thrive in this challenging business climate, health care organizations must take advantage of every possible opportunity to create new operational efficiencies. One of the best ways to do this is to digitize operations. By applying artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing technologies to streamline processes, simplify clinical workflows and eliminate manual administrative tasks, companies can improve patient and employee satisfaction at the same time.


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