EXL patient engagement platform

Nudging patients to better outcomes through tailored, personalized, omni-channel engagement

It takes patient cooperation to improve healthcare outcomes and enhance quality in today’s cost-conscious, value-based healthcare industry. And, while many programs have been introduced that connect patients with providers for the sake of measuring outcomes, the inability to consistently motivate patients to do the “right thing” persists. The gap between identifying points of intervention using analytics and achieving outcomes, leading to savings and improved quality care, must be closed before value-based healthcare pays dividends.

Combining expertise, automation and behavioral science on a single platform

EXL Patient Engagement Platform is a cloud-based, omni-channel approach to outcomes-based patient engagement. It combines more than 20 years of certified clinical expertise with widely accepted digital technology and behavioral science techniques to reach patients at the right time, with the right message, over the right channel, and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Key solution pillars impact patient decisions

Built to positively impact health outcomes and improve cost trends quickly and consistently, EXL Patient Engagement Platform incorporates high-value components to steer patient decisionmaking in a timely and compelling manner:

  • Analytics: Embedded to identify specific opportunities for risk segmentation, effectiveness and member targeting of care management programs
  • Care management: Clinical services performed using EXL’s or other thirdparty care management platform
  • Digital engagement: Adding value through digital intelligence and outreach built on conversational AI, mobile communications and robotic process automation
  • Behavioral science: Enabling efficient member adherence using pivotal strategies to understand human behavior and intervention response

By taking a member-centric, whole-person approach to healthcare, EXL Patient Engagement Platform helps close the gap between identifying points of intervention using analytics and achieving outcomes, while driving cost savings and quality care through continuous improvement in best practices.

How EXL patient engagement platform helps execute highly personalized care management strategies

Self-insured employers and health plans looking to improve population health through more effective care management strategies need a proven pathway to incentivize member compliance long-term.

Patient Engagement Platform