EXL’s CX transformation digital solution suite solution sheet

Business context

The retail industry has seen many disruptions across the last few years that have driven a paradigm shift in consumer behaviors, trends, and customer servicing models.

To grow and address these new challenges, organizations require a focused and comprehensive digital strategy that includes:

  • Placing digital customer experience (CX) at the heart of all future state designs
  • Redesigning existing business processes and operating models
  • Reimagining customer journeys
  • Mass adoption of contactless technology
  • Hyper-personalization of products and servicing
  • Generating contextual insights from digital channels

Key challenges facing retail companies

Technology challenges

  • Global digital disruptions causing shifts in customer expectations and choices
  • A complex landscape requiring an optimum blend of online and in-store servicing
  • Heightened need for personalization and instant gratification market and people challenges
  • Volume fluctuations and expectations of accelerated service
  • Realigning with frequently changing trends, supply chain limitations and seasonality

Process challenges

  • Fragmentation; No one-stop-shop customer service solution
  • Highly manual processing involving multiple handoffs leading to delays and errors
  • Adherence to both internal and external regulations and customer experience guidelines

Addressing these challenges can lead to a much higher CX and net promoter score (NPS), growth in revenue, reduction in cost to serve, and increase operational resilience

EXL’s CX transformation digital solution suite

EXL’s Digital Solution Suite successfully transforms customer experiences leveraging our deep domain expertise, customer intelligence, dynamic analytics, artificial intelligence, automation and other digital tools, thereby paving the way for a richer, more integrated and personalized user experience.

Key ingredients of our solution suite:

  • AI, machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning modules
  • Embedded advanced analytics
  • Automated, streamlined, intelligent reporting
  • Ease of deployment, including Cloud enablement
  • No- to low-code customisable solutions
  • Integrated omni-channel approach

EXL’s CX Transformation Digital Solution Suite houses a wide spectrum of modular solutions aimed at reimagining customer journeys, leveraging the right blend of functionality, data integration, and supporting technologies to transform the CX value proposition and solidify customer relationship.

Solution highlights

Solution highlights

Business outcomes

Business outcomes

Digital intuitive virtual assistance (DIVA)

An advanced digital solution that provides a unified desktop with auto-populated 360° customer view, proactive contextual insights, and embedded analytics combined with manual task automations. This delivers enhanced customer experience, improved productivity, and reduced cost to serve:

  • AI, deep learning, and advanced automation powered omni-channel virtual assistant
  • Empowers with tools for intelligent customer interactions
  • Empowers with tools for intelligent customer interactions
  • High replicability due to platform agnostic solution


10-15% increased customer experience & front office efficiency

15-20% reduced cost to serve

8-10% improvement in contact avoidance

Improved first contact resolution

15-20% reduction in agent onboarding and training time


An AI- powered pre-trained solution for human like interactions through voice and chat capabilities, providing a true digital front door experience for clients while improving contact deflection, reducing cost to serve, and improving customer experience:

  • Next-gen conversational AI solution that achieves superior customer value Non-intrusive integration with legacy systems
  • Support 100+ languages and shift seamlessly between languages in a single interaction
  • Omni-channel capability that unifies the journeys across different channels
  • Pre-packaged industry norms and keywords, enabling faster deployment


30% reduction in cost to serve

40pts net promoter score improvement

20% faster query resolution

New data for decision analysis

0% abandon rate

Email management solution

An AI based hyper-automation solution that performs automated email classification, intent recognition, and smart response generation. This provides better customer experiences, improved productivity, and reduced cost to serve.

  • NLP/ML-based automated email classification enabling work prioritisation
  • Intent identification, language, and complexity recognition enabling right team task assignment
  • Personalised email response leveraging feedback loop


~40-50% reduction in AHT

~30-45% reduction in cycle time

~25-45% reduction in cost to serve

~15-25% improvement in quality

If you would like to discuss ways to transform your CX and find out how EXL’s CX transformation digital solution suite could unlock value for your organization, please contact us.

Rishabh Jain (Client Partner – Retail & CPG) Rishabh.Jain@exlservice.com

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