EXL Landa Introduces CareAdvise, an Evidence-Based Clinical Content Feature for the CareRadius Platform

Thursday, August 14, 2014

EXL [NASDAQ: EXLS], a leading business process solutions company, today announced that its health technology group EXL Landa has introduced CareAdvise, a product that seamlessly integrates with the CareRadius suite to deliver evidence-based clinical content.

CareAdvise enables case managers to make focused inquiries to members through surveys and assessments, which are pre-populated based on skip and branch logic. The responses automate evidence-based care plans that include short- and long-term goals, issues, interventions and barriers for the patient. These plans become the basis for engaging the member, implementing change and improving clinical outcomes.

CareAdvise currently generates content on the six of the most costly health conditions in the United States – asthma, COPD, coronary artery disease, diabetes, heart failure, and high-risk maternity – with plans to expand the content and include additional conditions in the future.

“The efficiency and accuracy of evidence-based clinical content is key to helping ensure the best-possible outcomes for members,” said Jay Dunlap, SVP and General Manager, EXL Landa. “However, many organizations performing care coordination activities lack the resources and time to develop and maintain this content. CareAdvise provides health plans with the surveys, assessments and care plans to better manage members, meet accreditation goals, and enhance the efficiencies and capabilities of CareRadius.”

CareRadius is the EXL Landa care management platform that integrates data from multiple sources and shares it in real time among health plans, practitioners and members. It offers a holistic member view that automates identification, stratification and medical management for targeted, individualized interventions to improve health.