EXL Wins Alsbridge Innovation Award for British Gas Relationship

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

EXL [NASDAQ: EXLS], a leading business process solutions company, today announced it has received an Innovation Award from international consultancy Alsbridge, Inc., for EXL’s use of analytics and automation to improve receivables management processes for energy supplier British Gas.

The EXL/British Gas partnership was selected by Alsbridge for the categories “best use of analytics” and “best use of a new platform or application” in a global services engagement. The award recognised EXL’s proprietary Business EXLerator Framework delivery model, which integrates analytics, automation, Lean Six Sigma, process reengineering and other tools into business operations.

“British Gas had dual goals of improving customer service and increasing efficiency when we set challenging end-of-year targets for our receivables management processes,” said Philip Dornan, Head of Fulfillment, Customer Operations, British Gas. “We were impressed how EXL rose to the challenge. This initiative is a great example of how a partnership approach can significantly improve the customer experience.”

The EXLerator Framework delivery model deployed for British Gas and other clients leverages industry and process experience, proprietary analytics, automation and technology. Together these enable a consistent and repeatable methodology for evaluating end-to-end client operations and developing customised roadmaps to improve business outcomes.

“The EXL/British Gas partnership joins this year’s list of Alsbridge Innovation Award winners,” said Paul Morrison, Alsbridge Head of BPO and Shared Services. “This is a great example of how innovation often depends on a combination of tools, such as automation, a new framework, smart algorithms and redesigned processes. The initiative addressed the client’s the business need rapidly and improved customer satisfaction.”

Transforming receivable management processes for British Gas included analytics for predictive completion, account segmentation and priortisation, as well as automated account validation and work allocation tools. EXL also implemented a performance management dashboard that eliminated manual reporting.

“We are delighted with the award,” said Madhavi Dahanukar, Business Head of EXL Utilities. “It is a great, independent validation of the services we provide to our clients in the utilities sector and a great example of the business impact our Business EXLerator Framework is delivering.”

About Alsbridge

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About the Innovation Awards

Alsbridge has carried out significant research on innovation in the outsourcing market over the last 18 months – and in general, outsourcing is perceived by many to have underachieved. Alsbridge feel that this perception is increasingly out of date and unfair, and that there are beacons of innovation out there. For this reason Alsbridge have decided to recognise great examples of innovation in outsourcing with these Awards and accompanying Research Report.