NIP Group and EXL Pioneer Industry Customized Insurance Premium Audit Solutions

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

WOODBRIDGE, N.J., April 16, 2024 -- NIP Group, a leading specialty insurance provider, together with EXL, a leading data analytics and digital operations and solutions company, are proud to unveil a strategic alliance. This partnership introduces an innovative insurance premium audit process uniquely designed to directly tackle specific challenges faced by brokers and their clients. By customizing the premium audit function to the 25+ industries NIP Group serves, this initiative promises to streamline the process and strengthen the insurance broker-client relationship.

As the commercial insurance sector has grown increasingly specialized over the past 25 years, the premium audit method has not kept pace, remaining overly generalized. Tom Doherty, SVP of National Programs at NIP Group, highlighted the issue, stating, “Inadequate audit experiences, stemming from a lack of industry-specific knowledge, can significantly damage the insurance carrier-broker-client relationship, risking the loss of valuable partnerships. To address this, we joined forces with EXL to craft a customized auditing solution for our programs that improves service for every stakeholder.”

Phillip Johnson, Manager of Premium Audit at NIP Group, detailed the strategy: “It includes a dedicated, industry-focused premium audit team, a more efficient premium audit process, and enhanced communication standards. These elements are key to resolving issues and guaranteeing a smooth, positive audit outcome.”

Brad Burdick, Senior Vice President, Insurance at EXL, commented on the partnership, stating, “By combining EXL's expertise in premium audits with NIP Group's deep industry knowledge in specialty insurance, we are creating a solution in the audit services process that addresses the specific challenges faced by brokers and their clients, significantly enhancing the quality of premium audits for specialty insurance providers such as NIP Group.”

Key Features of the Strategic Initiative:

  • Targeted Solutions: Industry custom audit solutions designed to elevate the auditing experience and protect broker-client relationships.
  • Specialized NIP Group Audit Team: A dedicated team ensures industry expertise and consistency.
  • Optimized Audit Process: Improvements aimed at cutting audit competition times by up to 30 days.
  • Better Communication Practices: Commitment to clear, timely, and efficient communication throughout the auditing process.

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About EXL

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