Data & AI Index survey assessment frequently asked questions

Data & AI Index survey assessment frequently asked questions

Data & AI Index survey assessment frequently asked questions

The survey consists of 21 questions that will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

The data provided by your organization will be used for research and benchmarking purposes in the development of the product. Data will be disclosed only in aggregate and presented in anonymous form. It will not include information that might identify a participating organization or individual as the source of the data. Access to the research data will be restricted to those individuals who need such access to deliver EXL products and/or services.

Participation is complimentary. There is no cost to take the assessment or receive the summary and comprehensive reports. Any requests for customized reports will be an additional charge.

Upon completing the survey, you will receive two reports. The first is an instant high-level summary with your scores benchmarked against your peers. The second is a comprehensive report that will be received a few days after completing the survey. This report is a detailed dashboard comparing your maturity index against your peers on various parameters. We can also work with you to develop bespoke reports customized to your specific needs.

In the detailed report, you will be benchmarked against your peers by industry, revenue band, business model, and data infrastructure model.

As one of the leading data and analytics providers in the industry, we feel it is our responsibility to provide organizations with a solution to benchmark their capabilities. We have leveraged over 20 years of experience in the field to deliver an assessment that balances depth, coverage, and precision.

There is no limit to the number of people participating in the survey from a single organization.