EXL Smart Data Signals

EXL Smart Data Signals

Transform your claim operations with data-driven signals.

EXL Smart Data Signals

Transform your claim operations with data-driven signals.

Using AI and data-led signals for proactive claim management

Identifying and addressing customer experience or claim leakage issues is often reactive for claims professionals, who often rely on point-in-time reviews when sampling claims. Claim professionals should instead proactively ensure a frictionless customer experience by identifying and addressing any anomalies in the claim journey, thereby helping prevent a potential 2% to 10% of an insurer’s total claim cost. Being proactive enables a frictionless customer experience and avoids claim leakage from claim intake to settlement. It ensures a timely claim progression by applying the right settlement decisions at the right time.

EXL Smart Data Signals is a data-led solution that provides actionable insights to drive a better customer experience while reducing leakage and improving compliance.

EXL Smart Data Signals Solution Overview

EXL Smart Data Signals is a cloud-native solution that enables automated and continuous monitoring of claims, policies, and customer interactions to provide actionable alerts, driving better decisions in near real-time to reduce leakage and provide a high level of customer service.


Solution Highlights 


Continuous monitoring of near 100% of
10 times higher detection of potential anomalies across CX opportunities, leakage and compliance
10% to 15% reduction from baseline leakage
50%+ improvement from baseline CX management and process compliance satisfaction
Improved operational efficiency

The solution complements a client’s core system(s), can be easily integrated into existing platforms or tech stack and sends actionable alerts by combining advanced analytics and generative AI, to:

  • Predict and enable proactive leakage and customer management
  • Automate alerts based on a summarization of anomalies detected (powered by generative AI)
  • Enable claim leaders to provide the right support to the right claim at the right time
  • Augment existing claim quality programs with improved controls for customer experience, loss cost management controls, insights and performance prediction

Insurers can leverage our library of pre-built use cases or easily add new use cases with the solution.

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