Pharmacy and PBM Client Reporting

Pharmacy and PBM Client Reporting

Improve client relations by providing next generation client reporting

Pharmacy and PBM Client Reporting

Improve client relations by providing next generation client reporting

Client reporting is often a race to mediocracy for PBMs and pharmacy payers. Reports are frequently manually curated and extremely dense, which can lead to internal inefficiency and unhappy clients. At EXL Health, our pharmacy reporting solution includes a HITRUST certified healthcare data and analytics platform that drives insights to help organizations take action.

With EXL Health point and click reporting solutions, organizations can reduce internal resource strain and improve client relations with intuitive reports and accessible KPIs that can:

Legacy systems can’t compare with latest innovations

Legacy pharmacy reporting systems often lack structure, capability, and efficiency. Reports are dense, hard to navigate, and provide little to no value to the client. It’s not uncommon for reports to be thousands of pages, with extremely difficult to digest information.

With old, outdated reporting systems, business users face hurdles when providing their clients with the right data. Furthermore, reports are not visually appealing, succinct, or intuitive for users to navigate. It’s simply not a great way to operate.

Let’s take a look at what we typically see in a pharmacy/PBM report and how it compares with EXL Health reporting solution.

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Multiple Formats to Fit Your Workflows

Modern, modular, and refreshed on demand, these reports provide easy-to-interpret insights that help clients improve ROI.


Configurable, drag-and-drop dashboards that monitor specific activities. Users can:

  • Select relevant KPIs
  • Easily find areas needing attention
  • Drill down for more details


Succinct, visually stunning reports that tell a complete story. Users can:

  • See curated insights mapped to actions
  • Deep dive into areas of focus that are backed by industry research
  • See what is happening, why it’s happening and what they can do about it

Client Branded Reports

Highly customized reports that put the client in the driver’s seat. The robust toolkit lets them:

  • Perform self-service analytics
  • Create drill downs and hierarchies
  • Segment geographically
  • Define trend lines and forecasting
  • Create individual reports, dashboards and maps


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