Reshaping cyber risk scoring and underwriting

Reshaping cyber risk scoring and underwriting

Helping cyber insurance carriers profitably expand their business

Reshaping cyber risk scoring and underwriting

Helping cyber insurance carriers profitably expand their business

EXL and Cybercube partnership aims to address three key things:

  • Standardize – How underwriters define quality and assess a cyber risk
  • Simplify – How to leverage data at the point of sale
  • Support – How to empower underwriting with cyber trained and effective operating model

Standardize | Defining views of cyber risk and quality, is the secret sauce to building a scalable solution

Definition of a good cyber risk is made up of these components:


Simplify | Translating the view of risk, to quantifiable measures, allows the quality definition to be embedded throughout the operations
Cyber threat

Support | An operating model built to empower the Underwriter
Cyber threat

Leadership perspective

Raghav Jaggi
Co-Head General Insurance & Insurance F&A leader

“The cybersecurity insurance market is projected to grow from $11.9 billion today to $29.2 billion by 2027, but serious obstacles stand in the way of carriers being able to offer truly comprehensive, consistent and predictable products in this space. By bringing together world-class risk modeling capabilities with industry-specific analytics and workflow management expertise, we are delivering the missing link the insurance industry needs to seize this significant opportunity.”

Raghav Maheshwari
Global Head of P&C Commercial Insurance and Insuretech

“Cyber is a tough class of business and we are seeing an uptick in both frequency and severity of loss activity. The biggest challenge we see insurers facing in this space is the lack of continuity and consistency in the way cyber risk is measured, tracked and reported. By working together with CyberCube, we will create a proprietary view of cyber risk that standardizes how underwriters will evaluate and underwrite cyber risks, simplify the way underwriting teams can ingest data and assess cyber risks, and ultimately provide a support model for cyber underwriters.”

Ross Wirth
Head of Client Account Management and Technology Services

“The best insuretech analytics in the world are meaningless if they can’t be integrated seamlessly into the enterprise-wide workflows of the major P&C carriers. Our partnership with EXL is an exciting opportunity for CyberCube to expand support to our clients by developing a customized operating model to best incorporate Account Manager and its scores and signals into their daily workflow in a customizable and repeatable fashion.”

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