Charting the future for utilities

Developments such as shifting regulations, the rise of smart meters, and the rising importance of delivering excellent customer experiences are pushing utilities organizations to make better use of their data. Partnering with EXL lets organizations have the domain expertise, digital dexterity, and robust analytics capabilities to not only react to these current factors, but proactively identify future trends and turn them into opportunities for growth. Our collaborative approach lets utilities companies power increased profitability and deep insights into customer journeys.

Utilities solutions

Utilities solutions

EXL’s Management Information Assistant (MIA)

Connected operations


Deliver excellent customer experience in a digitally connected future

Data-driven finance

Discover deeper actionable insights faster

EXL Digital Virtual Assist (DIVA)

AI-powered digital customer experience

EXL Exelia.AI™

Redefine your customer experience for measurable results

EXL Nerve Hub™

Next-gen digital command center to orchestrate human and digital workforces

EXL Paymentor℠

Create a unified and personalized debt collection journey for your debtors


AI and NLP powered Content Extraction capability

Revenue acceleration

Experience faster growth and profitability

Utilities analytics

Advanced analytics and AI for business insights that matter

Utilities finance & accounting

Build agile, data-driven solutions

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Why EXL Utilities

With many leading utilities as clients, we have a firm grasp on the industry and where it’s going.

With a best-in-class understanding of the customer journey and next-gen technology, EXL helps our clients leverage the proliferation of data to acquire new customers, deliver on their customer services promises, and secure customer loyalty.

We partner with you to improve your bottom line and your customer’s experience, an increasingly important metric in an industry facing increasing customer demands.

of Global Sourcing Association Awards (2021)
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