Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ Healthcare Digital Services 2021

EXL has been named a Leader for Payer Digital Transformation Services in the ISG Provider Lens™ Healthcare Digital Services 2021.

ISG cites the variety of technology leveraged to build EXL’s robust data and artificial intelligence-led capabilities, as well as its extensive industry experience, as the strengths that drove the firm’s success in the payer space in 2021.

EXL also was named a Product Challenger in the Payer BPaaS Services, Provider Digital Transformation Services, Healthcare Cloud Migration Services, and Healthcare Interoperability Services & Solutions categories.

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“With its focus on analytics and tools that help clients make sense of their data, EXL has proven itself to be at the forefront of new digital solutions in the industry,” said Ron Exler, Director and Principal Analyst, ISG Research. “As EXL expands its data and AI capabilities, payers will find new, exciting ways to improve their workflows, which will lead to better member engagement and utilization.” 

“The rapidly evolving nature of the healthcare industry means payers and providers need informed insights to direct their resources to the places where they will have the greatest impact,” said Sam Meckey, Executive Vice President and Business Head at EXL Health. “By finding new ways to infuse our solutions with the most robust analytics and machine-learning capabilities available, EXL will continue to set the pace of innovation in this space.”