Data quality does not have to break the bank

Most organizations understand that having well-organized, error-free data is critical for achieving operational success. Despite this, many organizations struggle to find a data quality management (DQM) platform that fits their needs. It could be that the solutions they have seen are too expensive, or that barriers with technology, resources, or procurement make adoption too complicated.

At EXL, we recognize these pitfalls, which is why we are excited to introduce a proprietary solution for budget-minded organizations that seek to drive value from data.

Welcome to EXL DQLens™.

EXL DQLens™ is a suite of flexible data-quality tools that accelerates value, improves analytics, and eliminates technology barriers. EXL DQLens™ is better, faster, and more economical than building or buying data quality platforms. It is offered to EXL’s Enterprise Data Management (EDM) customers at no cost with a supporting services engagement.

Why EXL DQLens™?

Traditional commercial software is full of features – some of which you might not need – and it comes with a hefty price tag. Couple that with the layers of bureaucracy you must navigate when your procurement, legal, finance, and IT teams get involved, and the traditional software approach becomes less and less desirable. This is particularly true for companies that are just getting started with DQM.

Enter EXL DQLens™.

With flexible deployment options and a pricing model that fits any budget and architecture, EXL DQLensTM is an alternative to the high-priced, complicated world of traditional DQM. We can deploy in the cloud or on-prem, and EXL DQLensTM integrates with your current systems whether they are hosted in-house or by a third party.

Who benefits from EXL DQLens™?

Quite simply, if your organization’s data is a mess, then EXL DQLens™ is for you. It could be that you have disparate systems that do not “talk” to one another, which leaves you with multiple records representing the same customer or employee. Or perhaps your records have become muddled over time because changes have been made without scrubbing the outdated information. Messy data are a productivity killer because employees spend hours sifting through information rather than acting on it.

How does EXL DQLens™ work?

EXL DQLens™ includes a prescribed process that focuses on the foundational capabilities that every data-quality program needs, and it systematically accelerates the core aspects of the DQM lifecycle using four distinct tools:

1. EXL DQLens™ Profile is a data profiling tool that characterizes the data and uncovers quality issues.

2. EXL DQLens™ Cleanse is a rules-based cleansing tool that validates the data and ensures consistency.

3. EXL DQLens™ Resolve is a matching (or "entity resolution") tool that uses probabilistic and machine-learning techniques to resolve duplication.

4. EXL DQLens™ Monitor is a dashboard that shows data quality over time and alerts the user when action is necessary.

What are the results?

EXL DQLens™ provides several benefits that measurably improve an organization’s bottom line. These include:

  • Optimizes capital expenditures
    EXL DQLens™ reduces software spend and accelerates delivery timelines, which can save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.
  • Cuts through red tape
    EXL DQLens™ is simpler to procure and more flexible to deploy than traditional solutions.
  • Increases productivity
    EXL DQLens™ eliminates the need for IT resources to develop custom code; meanwhile, employees who act on the data save time, thus money, when that data are clean and error-free.
  • Right-sizes your solution
    EXL DQLens™ provides a middle-ground solution that is more robust than custom code and does not preclude commercial options in the future.

At EXL we pride ourselves on being leaders in Enterprise Data Management and Business Intelligence. We are excited to launch EXL DQLens™ and help make your data work for you.

Written by

Bryson Dunn
Practice Lead, Master Data Management and Data Quality