AI-powered airline refund automation

What our airline refund automation can deliver for airlines, OTAs and TMCs

Enhancing customer service

Solutions at speed:
Customers want their issues resolved accurately, immediately, and completely. Their expectations for the airline industry are no different, especially when it comes to receiving a refund. AI solutions can enable consumers to receive refunds faster than ever before by augmenting airline agents. This can greatly reduce average handle times and enhance customer experience.

Meeting commitments:
Dealing with flight refunds is a complex and time-consuming process – one that can be made even harder by unforeseen events that cause spikes in refund requests. These increased workloads can lead to customers not getting the refunds they need in time and missing commitments, adversely impacting customer experience and brand reputation.

What factors impact the refund process?


How can EXL’s AI-powered airline refund automation help?


What is EXL’s airline refund automation solution?


How is EXL’s airline refund automation different?


Merging digital and human capabilities for success

EXL’s airline refund automation helps the travel industry achieve frictionless customer experience and operations


The solution brings together data analytics, domain expertise, and digital solutions together to drive efficiency, business value, and customer experience.

The time for the travel industry to act is now

EXL is committed to partnering with you to ensure the timely completion of refund requests and deliver better outcomes at speed.

Together, we make sense of data to drive your business forward.

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