Basel III Australian timeline: The clock is ticking

The Race is on to January 2023

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has mandated all Australian banks to comply with Basel III standards by January 2023 or penalties will be incurred. EXL offers the data and analytics expertise to fast track your implementation. After releasing their Basel III roadmap to authorised deposit-taking institutions in June 2021, many firms have enlisted EXL to assist in accelerating the process.

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Push through modelling & analytics

Basel III modelling and analytics are critical elements that use data for better compliance implementation and decision-making. EXL helps tool existing and new systems for compliance, from data source through analysis to final regulatory reporting.

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Win the race with EXL

Why run the race alone when you can run it with a proven team of experts who understand the regulations and know how to implement a purpose-driven process for Basel III regulatory compliance? Meet the deadline in stride.