Who’s minding the robots?

If you use technology to run your business, validating your automated assets, is a wise and timely practice

Robots, including robotic process automations (RPA), AI, machine learning, large language models like ChatGPT, and other programmable technologies, do as they are told. But like any “bad genie” that follows instructions to the letter, your automatons may not be delivering as desired. Privacy breaches, regulatory non-compliance, poorly written code, unexpected outcomes, and excessive manual exceptions-handling all point to trouble. That’s why it’s a good practice to audit your automation. Coupled with EXL’s seamless integration solutions, auditing automation has become even more efficient and hassle-free for our clients.

AI spending by industry

Significant growth is expected across sectors until 2030. Industries like healthcare are investing heavily in AI to improve patient care and diagnostics. Finance firms are using AI for fraud detection. Manufacturers use it for process optimization and efficiency.

Ensure high quality automation, compliance, and outcomes with EXL

EXL brings a depth and breadth of industry process and technology expertise to your automation audit. We have the proven tools, talent, and methodologies you need to complete your audit quickly and efficiently. From performing a current-state analysis to providing a remedial roadmap and corrective execution, EXL ensures your ability to perform at the highest levels of security, compliance, and output.

Hold your AI-based technology and system automation accountable with support from EXL’s automation audit

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