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EXL Marketing Services

EXL provides a complete set of custom direct marketing services for our clients, which integrate online and offline marketing channels. We leverage our financial services industry expertise, cutting-edge analytics, proprietary database technology, extensive in-house data assets, and creative services to design and deliver highly effective direct marketing campaigns for leading players in the Banking & Fintech industry.

Our team specializes in lending and savings products as well as in property & casualty, life, and health insurance. Every marketing campaign designed and delivered by EXL is based on sophisticated data analysis and driven by our in-house data, which include credit, demographic, lifestyle, and property data attributes.

Finding Your Most Profitable Customersmarketing flow image

EXL has developed a proprietary database with over 6,000+ attributes on more than 245 million consumers. Through the use of advanced analytics, proprietary prospect value assessment techniques, and interactive campaign reporting, EXL can identify your most desirable target audience.

Our targeting does more than identify responsive customers, and we find you the most profitable ones. We work with you to determine the drivers of profitability in your business and to craft our targeting solutions to pinpoint those consumers




Reaching With An OmniChannel Approachmarketing image

In today’s fragmented media environment, determining where and how your target customers will engage with you can be just as challenging as identifying them. Developing and executing multi-channel direct and digital marketing campaigns that maximize the value of each media selected is critical to the success of any targeted marketing effort.

EXL has long been a leader in developing innovative ways to ensure the maximum effectiveness of multi-channel marketing campaigns through the use of advanced analytics, proprietary prospect value assessment techniques, and integrated realtime campaign reporting.



Delivering With An High-Impact Message

EXL provides a full range of creative services utilizing our highly-experienced creative team to create award-winning campaigns. With consistent and extensive research in consumer buying behaviors, attitudes, and motivators, we deliver highly targeted creative to speak to the needs of each segment. Our continuous in-market testing allows us to determine the right message, to the right customer, at the right time.


At EXL, we are experts in more than analytics, operations management, and technology. We are experts in you and your industry. This gives us the context to look deeper to identify and capitalize on opportunities to outperform. We call it Digital Intelligence: the all-important combination of data and domain knowledge, orchestration of human and technology, coming together to create breakthrough results and outcomes.

Digital Intelligence is why companies in the world’s most complex industries, from insurance to healthcare to transportation, bring us their toughest challenges, their seemingly impossible goals. Headquartered in New York, EXL has more than 50,000 professionals in locations throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and South Africa. We work as one committed team, with one overarching goal: to give our clients the power to transform—to move from playing catch-up to leading the pack. We are not content to help our clients adapt to change. We embolden them to lead the change.