EXL construction wrap-up premium audit solution

Automation expertise for simple, streamlined savings and accuracy on premium audits for construction wrap-up risks

You don’t have to do this on your own anymore

Performing premium audits on construction wrap-ups can be a costly, time-consuming process that ties up valuable staff with overall poor results.

The better way to go is to automate your audit process using a self-service portal, supported by a dedicated auditors that specialize in construction wrap-ups. The information collected will be more accurate and timely allowing for improved ROI.

Isn’t it time you investigate EXL’s Construction Wrap-Up Premium Audit Solution?

Allow policyholders to self-complete their audit securely, online, with EXL

EXL’s Construction Wrap-Up Premium Audit Solution is a self-service portal that allows your vendors to input their policy information conveniently and securely, 24/7 online, with full customer support available.

Our innovative platform simplifies carrier requests, orders, auditing, policy review, and submission for accurate billing and collections. And because the portal can be customized with your branded carrier logo and color scheme, the personal touch leverages your built-in trust throughout the process, for a one-of-a-kind, intuitive workflow that reduces manual intervention and increases audit efficiency.

EXL construction

An end-to-end solution that covers your entire premium audit value chain

How it works

EXL’s Construction Wrap-Up Premium Audit Solution is a secure, workflow-based web portal that applies configurable rules and best practices to increase completion rates, trigger additional data requests, and escalate exceptions to a phone audit, if necessary.

Our trained premium audit professionals review each report for quality assurance. And, completed reports are delivered according to your preference, via system-to-system, web, or email transfers.

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