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Digital innovations reduce cost, improve quality and provide an enhanced consumer experience.

Digital transformation in healthcare

Healthcare organizations continue to accelerate their digital transformation to improve how care is delivered, managed and paid. Digital technologies are emerging as the insights hub that connects patient healthcare data and administration information, improving patient and member experience through hyperpersonalization, consumer interconnection, and seamless healthcare interactions via automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), and actionable insights through data-driven, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Human Ingenuity in action: digital innovations improve outcomes, optimize revenue, and maximize profitability across the healthcare ecosystem


average call capacity increase using conversational AI digital technologies.


average increase in data accuracy scores when digital technology is applied.

Introducing EXL Health digital solutions

EXL Health digital solutions transform the way healthcare is delivered, managed and paid. Powered by data, cloud, analytics, AI/ML, and domain expertise, EXL Health digital solutions improve business outcomes, help deliver great customer service, reduce cost, and strengthen quality of care. Health organizations can improve their performance across the value chain with EXL Health digital solutions.

Patient & member management

  • Account setup
  • Eligibility and enrollment
  • Billing
  • Benefits management
  • Policy issuance
  • Renewals

Provider management

  • Provider credentialing
  • Provider data management
  • Contracting
  • Network and performance
  • Management

Health & care management

  • Population health and wellness
  • Utilization management
  • Care coordination and care
  • Management
  • Quality management

Claims admin

  • Triage
  • Fraud detection
  • Audit and compliance
  • Appeals & grievances
  • Risk assessment
  • Revenue cycle management


  • Marketing & sales
  • Customer service
  • Data & analytics
  • Finance & accounting
  • Human resources

EXL Health digital solutions

Our techno-functional digital experts are well positioned to drive committed business outcomes.

We understand the challenges members, payers and providers face delivering a great customer service.

Our healthcare centric proprietary and partnered conversational AI solutions can significantly reduce cost, improve CSAT/NPS through an accelerated deployment.

Our proven, ready to use modular conversational AI solutions can easily integrate with new age and legacy systems to deliver quick ROI and business outcomes.


EXL XTRAKTO.AI is a next gen AI/NLP-powered content extraction solution. XTRAKTO.AI automates the extraction of structured and unstructured data. It is a flexible, modular and highly scalable solution with built-in AI/ML, NLP and computer-vision modules for quick business applicability. EXTRAKTO.AI architecture supports processing of large volumes of documents and fast rate, and helps healthcare organizations reduce cost in manual efforts, turn-around times, and accuracy.


EXL Exelia.AI is a pre-trained solution for human like interactions through voice and chat capabilities. AI-powered, Exelia.AI is trained with healthcare-specific knowledge, and delivers both inbound requests across patient and member interactions (chat, email), as well as and outbound calls to help with missing information and scheduling. Its plug-and-play model requires limited customization and enables rapid implementation. Seamlessly integrated into other systems and data, it recalls and includes key customer profile information and data from past interactions. Healthcare organizations can provide a true digital front door experience for patients and members, while lowering contact deflection, improving customer experience and reducing costs to serve.

EXL Paymentor™

Paymentor is an AI-powered modular solution that focuses on digital execution and solves the end-to-end collections value chain. By making collections digital, healthcare organizations can improve efficiencies and accuracy in enrollment and eligibility, billing, and claims administration. Paymentor helps proactively minimize fraud, waste and abuse, and increase payment capture in the revenue cycle.


DigiCA is a data driven automated clinical audits solution that improves clinical excellence in case review, care management, and utilization management. With quick and simple integration into legacy systems and data sources, DigiCA can help reduce authorization cycle time, standardize clinical documentation, and minimize manual tasks and systems to navigate, by automating and standardizing case management, eligibility and verification of member, provider and CPT codes, and MD review.

Why EXL Health

At EXL Health, we are strategic digital transformation partners who drive breakthrough results for our clients. We are experts in more than digital technology and advanced analytics; we are experts in you and healthcare, and work together with our clients to form true collaborative partnerships that drive transformation in the way healthcare is delivered, managed and paid.

This gives us the context to look and go deeper to identify and capitalize on opportunities to outperform. We call it digital intelligence: the combination of data and domain knowledge needed to create context.

Digital intelligence is the rare ability to orchestrate complex and interdependent technologies – AI, robotics, analytics, machine learning and more – to deliver tailored, targeted, breakthrough solutions. Our team of deeply experienced, client-focused professionals, who understand both technology and the context in which it is applied, will deliver these solutions.

The impact? Real, tangible outcomes: first-to-market advances, revenue growth, improved profitability and satisfied patients and members.