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Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Industry forces driving technology innovations in healthcare have been accelerated by consumer demand for ease of interactions and the COVID-19 pandemic. 65% of patients will have accessed healthcare through a digital front door by 2023 and 60% of healthcare organizations will invest in AI- enabled IT infrastructure to improve automation and decision making by 2024.

Healthcare organizations are quickly adopting digital innovations to improve quality and care outcomes, and reduce operational costs and waste. Emerging digital technologies are enabling transformation and innovations that help improve patient and member experience through hyper-personalization, consumer interconnection using devices and wearables, seamless interaction through automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), and actionable insights through data science, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Introducing EXL Health Digital Solutions

EXL Health digital solutions transform the way healthcare is delivered, managed and paid. Powered by data, cloud, analytics, AI/ML, and domain expertise, EXL Health digital solutions improve business outcomes, help deliver great customer service, reduce cost, and strengthen quality of care.

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Health organizations can improve their performance across the value chain with EXL Health digital Solutions.

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EXL Health Digital Solutions

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Why EXL Health

At EXL Health, we are strategic digital transformation partners who drive breakthrough results for our clients.

We are experts in more than digital technology and advanced analytics; we are experts in you and healthcare, and work together with our clients to form true collaborative partnerships that drive transformation in the way healthcare is delivered, managed and paid.

This gives us the context to look and go deeper to identify and capitalize on opportunities to outperform. We call it digital intelligence: the combination of data and domain knowledge needed to create context.

Digital intelligence is the rare ability to orchestrate complex and interdependent technologies – AI, robotics, analytics, machine learning and more – to deliver tailored, targeted, breakthrough solutions. Our team of deeply experienced, client-focused professionals, who understand both technology and the context in which it is applied, will deliver these solutions.

The impact? Real, tangible outcomes: first-to-market advances, revenue growth, improved profitability and satisfied patients and members.