EXL Nervehub™

Unlock operations potential and improve outcomes with digital intelligence

To improve care, optimize efficiencies, and reduce costs, healthcare payers and providers need real-time understanding and insights into the performance of their organizations. They need an end-to-end solution that offers planning and forecasting, work allocation, customer journey tracking, reporting and analytics to make informed decisions and improve operations.

EXL Health can help drive transformational outcomes for healthcare providers and payers. EXL Nervehub™ is a highly modular, robust and configurable, industryagnostic platform to digitize operations management, link operational metrics with outcomes, manage digital workforce, and provide realtime insights for better decision-making.


Embed digital intelligence in operations and deliver improved outcome

Healthcare organizations need data to understand what happens, why it happens, and what is needed to improve. Beyond just visualizing data, payers and providers need tools that help them orchestrate human and digital workforces while understanding how strategies impact outcomes and business KPIs through analytics and real-time insights.


Improve CSAT, enhance controls and reduce operating costs through digitally enabled operations management

Designed to deliver agility and customer value, EXL Nervehub™ harnesses the power of data and analytics to help organizations manage, engage, and evolve digital operations.


Adaptable, scalable, and tailored to your business needs

More and more organizations are realizing work from home (WFH) is here to stay. The Performance Manager tool with EXL Nervehub™ digitizes performance reporting, enables effective controls in a WFH environment boosts productivity and ensures a better employee experience.


Why EXL Health?

EXL Nervehub™ harnesses data visualization and embedded analytics to improve operations management and drive transformational outcomes. It helps organizations use their operational data effectively to realize full potential of their digital investment by unifying data and providing real-time monitoring that highlights inherent process inefficiencies, generates actionable insights, prescribes actions, and predicts performance. EXL Nervehub™ is an integrated operations management suite in a digital world. opt an agile, strategic approach for empowering our clients to expand and embed digital transformation into operations. We translate digital intelligence into powerful, engaging experiences for our clients. Our “Thin-Human”-based industry solutions and horizontal capabilities help our clients realize the trifecta impact across cost, revenue, and customer experience. We look and go deeper to create the best solution for your requirements.