EXL property insight Solution

Drive decision making and business process redesign for insurance underwriting, marketing, and claims processing

EXL Property Insights, our proprietary image analytics solution, leverages AI and ML to provide accurate, real-time insights to help insurers better evaluate their portfolio risk, develop new risk models, and combine individual peril scores into an overall risk score. The solution combines property attributes from high-resolution aerial imagery with additional property-level features that influence risk. For underwriters, the solution offers risk scores for fire, weather and flood, as well as liability detection, property value, and individual property parameters. For claims processing, it provides a severity score, helps with triaging and reserve setting, and supports assessment of replacement value. The solution can also help carriers increase marketing ROI by supplementing market and customer insights.

EXL Property Insights

EXL Property Insights is available on AWS Marketplace and can be quickly and easily deployed within your existing cloud environment.

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