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Financial leadership in healthcare today centers on making intelligent decisions that create operational efficiency and superior patient outcomes. However, rising labor costs, staff shortages, and manual processes present challenges that can be overcome by AI-driven process improvement and digital operations. It takes a deep understanding of the operational realities of both payers and providers to move the needle. Knowing what and where to automate for the greatest adoption and return on investment are central to any modernization effort. To truly achieve financial and operational excellence with the best possible care, you need a partner who has been in the trenches and knows the way out. You need EXL Health.

EXL Health offers a data-driven approach to performance excellence

EXL Health has helped some of the world’s leading healthcare providers tame runaway costs, streamline analytics for improved decision-making, and engage consumers for superior patient outcomes. We do this in several ways.

First, we leverage our experience in other consumer and data dominated domains on behalf of healthcare providers. Second, our expert data scientists, architects, engineers, and clinicians work with providers to augment staff and extract hidden value in the data. Third, we apply automation with the purpose of boosting staff productivity, simplifying complex processes, and driving patient satisfaction.

Our focus on data supports our effort to improve healthcare outcomes. With the right information at the right time, it is possible to enhance customer service, drive cost efficiency, and deliver the kind of value-based care that makes any organization stand apart from the crowd.

Transform your quality of care with EXL

How we do it

EXL helps you deliver actionable intelligence for marked improvement across your entire enterprise, including analytics, finance, operations, quality, and regulatory reporting. We do this by partnering with you where you are in the process, and then apply digital and generative AI solutions, analytics, reporting, advisory services, staff augmentation, and outsourcing to deliver the end-to-end efficiency and quality you need to compete. Specifically, we help you:


Data and analytics that accelerate speed to insight

Our data management services emphasize data integrity and governance on a scalable, cost-effective, cloud-based infrastructure. We will help you design, implement, and run it, integrate your enterprise data on it, and custom-tailor it for enhanced mission planning and operations management.

With your data foundation set, we then put advanced analytics to work. Our services and solutions include tools, technologies, and people – data scientists, engineers, and analysts – to build and maintain models, enhance reporting, and deliver visualization and self-service capabilities that improve insights and enhance visibility across your organization.

Contact center innovation that elevates user experience

EXL’s rich history of contact center innovation spans a variety of industries and includes staffing, automation, and digital intelligence solutions for a next-level user experience. Our team can help you map various patient journeys and identify areas where analytics, process automation, conversational and generative AI, and machine learning can help reduce cost, improve engagement, and drive patient satisfaction.

Our contact center suite includes a wide variety of modular solutions. Let us help you implement the right blend of functionality, data integration, support technologies, and ready outsourcing to enrich user experience and improve quality outcomes.

Risk adjustment that achieves value-based targets

EXL Health delivers a comprehensive risk adjustment solution that allows you to proactively manage at-risk populations. Our combination of modern data structure, analytics models, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) automation, and skilled clinical reviews ensure accurate risk and quality scores, with improved Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding for better value-based program performance.

Quickly identify care gaps, close them, and accurately document conditions for necessary treatment. Accurately estimate risk scores and effectively engage with high-risk patients. With EXL, you gain the ability to acquire the actionable insights you need to lower cost, improve quality care, and report outcomes for higher Health and Human Services (HHS) and Center for Medicare Service (CMS) ratings.

Case study: Call center via digital ops

EXL modernized a large provider’s call center using our data-led and management consulting approach that rapidly improved patient access and satisfaction, while also providing a technology roadmap for future gains.

The call center encompassed more than 150 locations serving 900+ physicians. Problems included high call wait times, few self-service options, poor call triaging, and high staff turnover, leading to unacceptable amounts of unscheduled appointments, missed revenue opportunities, and increasing patient friction.

EXL implemented a cognitive AI solution that mimicked human-like interactions through voice and chat. The solution instantly solved queries with next-generation NLP and contextual understanding. It seamlessly switched between voice and chat options to expedite information intake without dropping the call. Once the information was gathered, the call either ended or was transferred to an available agent. The results:


Work with the leader in provider services

EXL Health is widely recognized for excellence as an enterprise partner in provider services, achieving unprecedented results for some of the leading healthcare organizations globally. Here are just a few of our many industry accolades:

  • Leader Healthcare Data & Analytics Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023
  • Leader ISG Provider Lens™ Healthcare Payer Digital Transformation Services 2023
  • Best in KLAS 2022 Top ranking in KLAS Risk Adjustment and Analytics Performance Reports, 2021 & 2020
  • Major Player, IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Services 2023
  • Major Player, IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Intelligent Automation Services 2022

Achieve value-based outcomes and improve patient experience with EXL

EXL Health brings 23+ years of deep healthcare experience to every engagement, having served more than 750 providers worldwide, including seven of the top 10 payers. Our practice includes more than 6,000 healthcare professionals, 2,100 clinicians+, 1,000 Enterprise Data Management (EDM) consultants, 550 healthcare data scientists, and 300 coding and claims experts ready to assist.

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