EXL risk control solutions

The risk control challenge

Despite massive talent drains and tighter margins, risk control must deliver accurate, timely information while maximizing efficiency and managing costs. You need the right partner to meet these needs.

EXL’s highly skilled professionals offer nationwide coverage with over 450 consultants, and growing. We are steadily adding consultants that specialize in insurance and specialized industries from manufacturing to energy.

Our expertise provides solutions for a wide range of needs from on-site assessments and services to virtual solutions to meet your needs. Our commitment is to represent you with the right consultant, for the right risk, to meet your needs. Or, as we like to say, “We are you when you can’t be there.”

Our field professionals evaluate businesses and their operations with a thorough understanding of coverage and exposures, matching the skills of our field consultants to the unique requirements of our clients. This alignment maximizes our strengths in the field to achieve a full, detailed risk assessment.

We know it is critical to give our business partners the best information possible. In response, we created a proprietary quality control program to achieve the highest standard of completed work while strengthening the technical and field skills of our consultants. EXL is committed to quality and accuracy with every completed survey.

exl surveys

We recognize every customer has their own unique needs, internal policies, and procedures. That’s why our loss control services are customized and underwriting solutions are tailored to the specific goals of every client.

EXL solutions and capabilities

  • Express surveys
  • Phone surveys
  • Underwriting surveys
  • Consultative risk assessments
  • Complex desktops
  • Account service
  • Service coordination
  • Specialized services

A tailored approach

We develop service instructions for our field professionals in partnership with our clients. These instructions range from a brief explanation of our clients’ applicable book of business to what specific forms and information our clients might seek. Clients can choose from an extensive library of forms, or we can design unique forms to meet particular needs.

Loss control surveys

We offer several options for commercial surveys, including ExpressSurvey, to best meet the needs of your book of business. Your requirements will dictate the level of report chosen, the skill set of the professional needed to complete the work, and the corresponding price point. The result is a detailed report with meaningful, actionable facts for loss prevention and improved underwriting results.

EXL offers practical strategies, implementation expertise, and customization capabilities. Our aptitude in loss control shines through the knowledge of our consultants.

To discuss which solution is right for your needs, please contact us at 800.352.4767 or SurveyContact@exlservice.com