Health risk assessment intake services

Completing health risk assessments early brings a bounty of benefits to health plans

The opportunity

Better overall clinical care. Improved member retention. Enhanced sales agent loyalty. Reduced enrollment costs. Yes, health plans can achieve all this just by making it possible for members to complete health risk assessments (HRAs) early in the enrollment process. Access to HRA data up front makes it easy for health plans to improve member engagement, design better care plans, forecast costs and enhance quality-care coordination – all while diminishing cancellation rates. In addition, health plans can create “stickiness” with agents by offering monetary incentives for obtaining HRA information early.

The challenge

Instead of having members complete HRAs after enrolling, health plans need to find a way for members to complete HRAs during the enrollment process. Sounds simple enough but there’s a catch: HRA data must be maintained outside of a health plan until enrollment is approved by CMS. As such, health plans need a secure platform and comprehensive multi-channel enrollment applications to capture and store this all-important HRA data.

Risk assessments

The EXL solution

EXL provides a comprehensive, soup-to-nuts solution. With EXL’s health risk assessment intake services, health plans can scale enrollment quickly and engage members proactively. More specifically, health plans can:

Discover just how health risk assessment intake services simplifies the intake process:

Risk assessments

Health Risk Assessment Intake Services also empowers health plans to address 5 major areas of concern:

Risk assessments


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