Sports Data Analytics & AI

Unlock the power of fan data

At EXL, we understand that every sports team is their own persona—a combination of vaulted history, current stars, amazing wins, and of course, devoted fans. However making, building, and deepening a team’s connection with fans can no longer rely on luck. Sports businesses, from fan engagement to ticket analysis to sponsorship programs, must utilize technology.

Our Sports Data Analytics & AI suite of solutions addresses the most critical issues in data analytics within the sports industry today. These issues begin when team platforms collect multiple types of fan data, which makes it more difficult to analyze that data effectively. In response, sports teams can now turn to AI and machine learning, but these models can be costly and time-consuming to deploy.

Our end-to-end analytics solutions for sports teams integrate fan data to drive informed, actionable insights. Sports teams that use our solution discover revenue improvement opportunities, enhance fan engagement and loyalty, optimize marketing spend, and obtain brand insights for sponsors.

Partner with EXL

Advanced analytics: We have 20+ years of experience in developing and implementing advanced analytics solutions.

Data ownership: Ownership of all of the data generated through our solutions remains within your organization.

Solution deployment: We are committed to a quick deployment of solutions based on your team’s most pressing priorities.

Complete solution: Our technology offering is an end-to-end solution that can be easily plugged into your team’s data to quickly produce results.

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