Together, we will do this.

Obtaining these objectives, however, is fraught with challenges.

Introducing EXL Health life sciences

Human Ingenuity is the catalyst with which EXL Health solves your complex problems. We combine our extensive patient-, consumer-, and HCP-level data assets, advanced analytics methodologies, and domain expertise to find better ways to discover and keep patients on your therapies.

We are client focused, always looking and going deeper to find a better way to address your specific challenges effectively and efficiently. We act nimbly, rapidly evaluating, identifying, and implementing solutions using our proven framework. Our team adapts quickly to industry and regulatory changes, and adopts new techniques and technologies to meet your specific needs, accelerate your transformation into value-based care, and support your continued success.

Our innovative, tailored solutions are developed through collaborative engagement focused on your current and dynamic business challenges. This approach results in much more than a transaction. Through it, we establish and nurture long-term, forward-thinking business relationships - true partnerships. Together, We Will Do This is more than just a marketing headline - it’s a commitment, our promise to you.

Driving value with data

The core excellence in analytics is expertise in data. EXL Health processes over 27 terabytes of data monthly. Rigorous data quality practices assure the efficiency and availability of data for use in developing analytic models, designing programs, and delivering results. In addition to managing disparate data at scale, EXL Health has developed a 44M+ patient benchmark database representing Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid lines of business. This data, coupled with our AI/machine learning, natural language processing, and data visualization and interactive dashboard tools, offers unique insights in not only what happened, but what may happen and what to do about it.

  • Brand teams are pressured to maximize their products’ commercial success by understanding patient personas and provider rankings, finding undiagnosed patients, decreasing non-adherence, and changing their products’ line of therapy position.
  • Market access and managed markets strategists need to prove the cost effectiveness of their products as compared to competing products to establish and enhance value-based relationships with payer, provider and PBM partners.
  • Marketing and sales teams need to target the right audiences with the right messages through preferred channels, optimizing ROI.


"This EXL Health cost of care platform is amazing and provides my team with the local level patient insights to help inform our Payer Marketings plans. The dashboard enables me to define custom patient cohorts for metric comparisons, and the charts and maps show clearly where to focus our attention."