EXL leverages EXLerator.AI to holistically transform client operations by embedding intelligence and delivering the trifecta impact. Powered by industry-specific digital solutions, customer engagement channels, technology integrators, solution accelerators, data lakes, and infrastructure, EXLerator.AI enables agile and intelligent operations to augment customer experiences, drive powerful business outcomes, create cost efficiencies and accelerate growth.

In EXLerator.AI stack, the technology and data layers are being aptly supported by the talent, partnership ecosystem, and digital methodology layers that cut across the stack and drive robust and effective digital transformation. Digital Methodology augments the overall transformation objective by providing a new approach to re-architect legacy process maps as digital data flow, transform them using analytics, AI, ML, and then integrate digital solutions within the workflow using APIs and RPA.

EXLerator.AI transformation stack

EXL’s innovative use of data flow is critical to leverage cutting-edge digital technologies at scale and EXLerator.AI, with its different aspects and concepts, makes successful digital transformation a long-lived reality.