Futureproof your business with AI:OS

Harness the power of change with AI:OS

Typically, business processes are ‘noodles’ designed under the constraints of where the human ‘experts’ are located or what inputs can be accepted by existing technology. Such processes do not lend themselves to becoming data-led. Consequently, a business in the human:OS is inhibited by the amount of data that can be used in decision-making or the maximum speed of any process. Businesses must essentially move to an AI:OS to become truly data-led.

Upstream AI + Redesigned Data Flows@ Cloud Scale ^ Human OS = The Formula for Success

We have deconstructed the formula for success in the AI:OS for driving data-driven enterprise to reach successful business outcomes for our clients. In the AI:OS, data dictates the optimal process flow. With the AI:OS, companies are putting upstream AI into production, with E2E redesigned data flows with embedded analytics, and easily integrated and scaled cloud solutions. Humans act as coaches to AI, participating in value-add activities requiring the human touch.

5x5 AI:OS maturity score

We combine data-driven insights with speed to market to create the most powerful competitive advantage. The company that gets an intuitive, data-informed product or service to market faster is likely to be the company that wins. For companies, our 5x5 AI:OS maturity score is driving the next evolutionary step towards becoming truly data driven.


To determine a maturity score, we break processes into five components concerning data, customer interaction, decisioning speed, integration with technology and compliance.

We map each one of the five process component owners to five different categories, according to whether:

  • Processes are Manual or Rule-Based
  • Whether they are part of an underway AI Roapdmap
  • Whether AI is in Production
  • Whether Integrated AI and Human Operational Skills Exist
  • Whether the AI Learning Loop is in Production

This fifth mapping is particularly important as, while it’s natural to deploy an AI solution and consider the work done, the holy grail is only achieved when a company can make sure that the AI learning loop is activated.

5x5 AI:OS