Real-time risk decisioning

Challenges for a mid-size lender in US

Challenges for a mid-size lender in US


Decisioning-as-a-service enables turnkey digital lending programs

EXL, Oliver Wyman, and Corridor Platforms have partnered to develop a credit risk decisioning solution for financial institutions, bringing together the deep data and analytics experience from EXL, decision workflow automation capabilities from Corridor, and extensive regulatory compliance expertise from Oliver Wyman. The joint solution leverages advanced analytics, AI and the cloud to deliver instant credit decisions to support digital lending initiatives such as point-of-sale financing, digital loans, mortgage approvals and real-time credit limit changes.

Enabling mid-size banks with “best-in-class” risk capabilities

Enabling mid-size banks with “best-in-class” risk capabilities


Ready-to-deploy capabilities

Our secure, compliant cloud-based solution provides the modular components that can be customized to your unique needs and rapidly deployed to enhance your digital lending capabilities within 2-3 months.

Modular components to enable speed to market

Modular components to enable Speed to Market


Our value to you

Our models can help generate up to 25% in incremental volume at your current risk level through superior decisioning. At the same time, our built-in AI ensures protection against high volatility in your credit portfolio, enabling you to avoid high losses in a stressed economic environment.

Innovation with built-in compliance

Innovation with Built-in Compliance